Gourmet preserves

Elegant enough for unique gifts or special meals, while affordable enough to eat everyday! Our cranberries are late harvested to capture peak flavour and colour. Free from additives, preservatives, or fillers; only the simple, wholesome fruits and spices found in a farmhouse kitchen. All our products are gluten-free, peanut-free and tree-nut-free.

TBF Cranberry Sauce NSA 375mLTerra Beata Cranberry Sauce 375ml – with Orange, or No Sugar Added

The closest taste to homemade. This is nothing like the canned sauce!

I never liked cranberries – put a scoop on my plate at Christmas time, but never ate them UNTIL I discovered Terra Beata Cranberries – OMG they are to die for. Use them with chicken, turkey, chicken breasts, roast porks and meatballs. If you haven’t tried them you are missing out. I am now a huge fan of cranberries!” Sandi G.

Cranberry Mincemeat 500ml/250ml

A blend of cranberries, apples, raisins and spices, this makes beautiful red tarts for holiday entertaining. It is also delicious in crêpes, warmed over ice cream or cheesecake, or in any mincemeat recipes. Customers tell us it is “the taste of Christmas in a jar”.

Cranberry Salsa 250ml

Not hot, but tangy with the taste of lime juice and cilantro, this salsa is as nice with a white fish filet for dinner as it is over cream cheese with crackers between meals.

Cranberry Chutney 250ml

A sweet and moderately spiced blend of cranberries, oranges and raisins, this compliments pork, poultry, and even scrambled eggs!  


 Cranberry Blueberry Spread (available with sugar, or with Splenda™) 250ml

This spread is bursting with wild blueberry flavour.

Also Available: Cranberry Raspberry Spread 250ml

Check out a great recipe for Double Berry Muffins using Cranberry Blueberry Preserve.

Cranberry Citrus Marmalade 250ml

Something different for the marmalade aficionado – an orange marmalade taste with cranberry red colour!

Check out a great recipe for Cranberry Orange Glazed Chicken using Cranberry Citrus Marmalade.

Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Orange Sauce, Cranberry Maple Sauce   500ml/250ml

Be traditional and use these to accompany chicken or turkey, or be creative and try them on plain yogurt for breakfast, as a low-sugar spread, or with brie in phyllo – mmm!

No-sugar Added Cranberry Sauce 250ml

As above, but sweetened with Splenda™ and suitable for diabetics or low-carb diets.