Dried fruit

Our products are made with no additives or preservatives – only the simple wholesome ingredients found in a farmhouse kitchen. That means there are no corn fibres, sulfites or oils in our dried fruit. Plus, our facility is nut-free.

Eat Atlantic Food Product of Year Finalist! Our dried cranberries were nominated by the public as one of the top 10 foods produced in Atlantic Canada, along with Scotsburn Hoofprints Ice Cream and Ganong Chicken Bones. Thanks for the support!


NEW BAG DESIGN- Now our Dried Cranberries look as good as they taste!

TBF Dried  Lightly Sweetened Cranberries     Low Sugar Dried Cranberries – 40% less sugar per 1/3 cup serving than average dried cranberries

      To make dried cranberries, most companies start by squeezing the juice out of the   berries. Not us! We leave the juice in, keeping the vitamins and tangy cranberry taste. Plus, ours have only 14g of sugar in a 32g serving, while competing brands have as much as 27g of sugar. We invite you to compare the nutrition facts, and then compare the taste — you’ll be amazed. Available in 100g bags, 375g bags, 1kg bags, and 25lb boxes.


Other fruit       Blueberries, Unsweetened Cranberries, Apples, Custom work

NEW Dried Blueberries 100g   While our specialty is cranberries, we also produce lightly sweetened dried blueberries (100g bag, 1 kg bag, 25lb box) and  so-craveable crispy dried Cortland apples (40g bag, 1 kg bag), all from fruit grown in Atlantic Canada. For commercial customers, we offer completely unsweetened dried cranberries, as well as dried and powdered fruit for herbal tea makers. Also, we do custom drying of other fruits.


Product Specs

Commercial customers looking for product specification sheets, custom products and quotes should contact us by email or telephone.