Where to Buy

Welcome to the “Cranberry Kitchen”!

Terra Beata’s juices, dried fruit and ‘Cranberry Kitchen’ range of preserves can be found in fine stores and outlets throughout Canada. If your local store doesn’t stock Terra Beata products yet please contact us.

All Sobeys in the Atlantic Provinces
carry the Terra Beata cocktails, pure juices, dried fruit and cranberry sauce.

Sobeys Ontario — Terra Beata Pure Juices (Cranberry, Cranberry Raspberry, Blueberry and Tart Cherry) are available in the juice aisle at all Sobeys Ontario stores!

All Superstores and Dominion StoresĀ (Loblaws) in Atlantic Canada carry Terra Beata Pure Cranberry, Blueberry and Tart Cherry juices on the juice aisle, plus the dried fruit (between granola bars and baking)

NEW! As of October, 2014, all Co-op Atlantic stores now carry our dried cranberries and blueberries.

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